Data on Little Rock and Arkansas


These data are downloaded from - the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services. Discover Arkansas - Your Labor Market Information Source.

Little Rock Demographics

The two Excel files contain various demographic and economic data from the Census and the American Community Survey for 2000, 2010, and 2016. The map files are DRAFTS, not to be distributed, allowing for a visual look at the data by Census Tract.


These data are from two sources. Data from the Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics - UCR Data Online report both the number of offenses and the rates for violent and property crime from 1985 through 2014. These are all crimes, not just for youth. The other files are from the Arkansas Crime Information Center Agency Data. One file summarizes the Group A and Group B arrests for youth from 2009 through 2016; another file is the actual 2016 report showing the detail available. A list of the crimes by group is also provided.

School Districts

This file is simply a map which shows the school district boundaries for the Little Rock and Pulaski County Special school districts.

Opportunity Measurement Reports

These reports are provided by each of the 52 Census Tracts which comprise Little Rock. The last three files are maps showing: census tracts alone, census tracts and wards, census tracts and school district boundaries.

"Opportunity360 is a comprehensive approach to understanding and addressing community challenges by identifying pathways to greater opportunities using cross-sector data, community engagement, and measurement tools. With this insight, partners in community development will be better positioned to make smart investments and create collaborative solutions that transform communities across the country."

EMSI Data - Labor Market Analytics

The Arkansas Economic Development Institute (AEDI) at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock subscribes to the Emsi data and has provided these reports for the use of the NSEM Little Rock.

"At Emsi, we’re focused on the student-to-employment journey. For better than 15 years, we’ve served as labor market advisors to leaders in higher education, business, and community development."

Arkansas Research Center

The Arkansas Research Center is the home of the Arkansas Statewide Longitudinal Data System and provides technical and data services to multiple Arkansas state agencies. It was established at the University of Central Arkansas by two U.S. Department of Education grants in 2009 and further expanded by two U.S. Department of Labor grants 2012-2018. It is nationally recognized for leadership in individual data privacy.

Social Services

These are data on homelessness, mental health, foster care, and substance abuse mainly for Arkansas but some more detailed data is included.